Gulf Development International and Ascent announce healthcare real estate program development and management agreement


January 23, 2019

Gulf Development International and Ascent announce collaboration agreement for healthcare real estate program development and management.

(London, United Kingdom, 10/1/2018) Gulf Development International (GDI) and Ascent are pleased to announce an agreement to collaborate on development and management of complex healthcare programs worldwide. The partnership will focus on bringing together GDI and Ascent’s unique insights in complex healthcare real estate development and program management. 

GDI is a developer, development manager, and real estate adviser  across residential, hospitality, commercial and institutional/healthcare industries.  Institutional/Healthcare development is one of GDI’s fastest growing verticals.  GDI brings unique integration of process, management, financing and building technology to the market creating more predictability and transparency to deliver real estate investors and property managers better outcomes. 

“The agreement with Ascent brings both a ‘been there, done that’ experience coupled with robust process and controls that are absolutely necessary in complex healthcare real estate development and construction. With healthcare development comes complex designs, unique client needs and the demand for innovation , commissioning and compliance  unique to global and local requirements, while still maintaining the budget and schedule” said Mike Chihoski, President and CEO of Global Development for GDI. 

“GDI brings an investor and developer’s point of view and set of capabilities and experiences that are unique in the marketplace. Their experience, financial network and building technology relationships brings unique capability to the healthcare marketplace” said Mark Atkinson, COO of Ascent.  

The initial agreement is for a two-year term.

About Gulf Development International, LTD. (GDI):

Gulf Development International Ltd (GDI) is a global leader in residential, commercial, and industrial development.  Recognizing the challenges of quality and efficiency when developing projects in emerging markets, GDI partners with world-class leaders in design, construction, and operations to create an unparalleled development process to execute exceptional projects.

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About Ascent:

Ascent is program and project management firm based in Chicago IL with offices in Seattle WA, New York NY, Boston MA and Anchorage AK.  Ascent has partnered with clients to deliver some of the most complex and technologically advanced healthcare projects in the last 10 years.

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