Former CEO of BAE Systems Saudi Arabia takes on leadership role at international real estate developer GDI


July 27, 2022

Gulf Development International Ltd (GDI) today announced Paul Dugan, OBE, as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Dugan has served as a board member of GDI from 2018 to his appointment as Chairman, effective 1 August 2022.

“It’s a privilege to take on this role at such an exciting time. GDI is the bridge between outdated construction methods and the 21st-century technology manufacturing revolution. There’s tremendous value in GDI’s volumetric modular factory processes from the innovation, the approach to fully automating the manufacturing methods, and the strong demand for modular construction solutions – particularly in Saudi Arabia and the GCC. This appointment brings with it the opportunity to rapidly build on an already robust partnership network and I look forward to working closely with our key partners to improve and expand our market reach in the Middle East,” said Dugan.

George Creel, GDI’s Group CEO and board member commented on the appointment, “To be a significant catalyst for this manufacturing revolution will take a superior technological edge with state-of-the-art full digital automation, and GDI is dealing with these challenges in thoughtful and innovative ways. Having Paul Dugan as Chairman of GDI will benefit all stakeholders for years to come.”

Paul Dugan (Ex UK Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm) is the former General Manager and Chief Executive of BAE Systems and Saudi Development & Training Company, Saudi Arabia. Mr. Dugan completed forty years of service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, managing the business activities in support of the UK government’s largest overseas military defence and export program with 7000 employees across 51 nationalities.

Paul was awarded the Order of The British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II for Defence related Business, Business Development, and Program Management, embracing the commercial relationship for and on behalf of the UK Government and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Development, including Social and Education Services to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  A graduate of the London Business School of Management, he was the Founder and Governor of the Multinational School Riyadh, supporting over 700 special needs children.

“Paul’s long history of leadership, coupled with his experience of running and advising global companies, makes him an ideal person for this role. Since 2018 Paul has been an invaluable advisor and board member. I look forward to continuing to work with Paul and ensure GDI’s growth and success for all its shareholders,” said Creel.

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