Modular System Solution (GDI-MSS)

GDI can deliver a turnkey completed design and build for a variety of uses. These systems have been implemented in residential, hospitality, institutional and commercial industries.  We partner with several key modular systems and formwork vendors to provide modern, flexible designs. GDI’s MSS drives significant benefits to your project, including improved speed to market, lower investment cost and lower total cost of ownership.  Our services for a modular system solution include: 

  • Develop Designs from Client Briefs
  • Review and Advisement of Project Designs
  • Procurement of Modular/Formwork vendor
  • Procurement of Ancillary Construction Services
  • Project Management of Modular/Formwork Install and Construction Services
  • Quality Management of Modular/Formwork Install and Construction Services
  • Best Practices Implementation of Modular/Formwork Install
  • Knowledge Transfer and Training of Modular/Formwork Systems
  • Project Turnover

Additionally, GDI can assist with attaining project financing and be your Development Partner on your projects.

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